Diane Douglas releases plan to fund education

Just days after the Arizona Board of Education filed suit against Arizona State Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas, the Superintendent came out with a new message.

Douglas launched her "We Heard You" tour in which she revealed a new plan to improve education in the state.

Despite some palpable tension in the room, Douglas was laser-focused on her message that "Arizona Kids Cannot Afford to Wait" strongly opposing common-core standards. Douglas went on to say we need to stop looking for fixes month-to-month and plan for the future.

"I have no fear, we're having a dialogue, we're creating a message for the people of Arizona," said Diane Douglas.

Armed with a 157-page plan Douglas revealed her proposal for better education in Arizona.

"We need a revival in Arizona Developed Standards, not a one-size-fits-all hand-me-down standard," said Douglas.

But while the plan goes on to detail long and short term goals, those who oppose her views questioned how she would implement change if she weren't regularly attending board meetings, to which she had a simple answer.

"I sit on every board, and every commission that has anything to do with education in Arizona, and that just means sometimes I have to make choices," she said.

With much work left to be done, and many more obstacles to overcome, Douglas says there's one meeting she won't be missing.

"When they put repealing common core on the agenda I will be there, and I will vote yes to repeal common core in Arizona!" said Douglas.

When asked if she had any comment about the lawsuit filed against her, Douglas said she couldn't talk about it because she hadn't seen it yet.

Read Douglas' full plan here: