Dinosaurs take over Gila River Arena in Jurassic Fight Night

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - You've heard of celebrity fight night, but what about Jurassic fight night?

They're big, bold, and from another lifetime. Dinosaurs have taken over the Valley in the form of Jurassic Fight Night.

The idea for the larger than life show comes from Adam Karitoglou, who says the goal is to leave the audience in awe.

"It is so creative, so overwhelming, it's a full balance show for all families all ages, you got to see it's out of this world," said Adam Karitoglou, owner and creator of Jurassic Fight Night.

Adam says the dinos have been training for a year, each with their own personal trainers, making sure they're in tip-top fighting shape.

The full-scale production will include the main event, live music, dance groups, and a few local celebrities.

"It's never been done before, everybody looked at me and said what are you doing and I said this is what we're doing and the thing I've been sent out to do, I tell people we're doing it and we're doing it," said Karitoglou.

Adam adds to the dreamers out there who are told no it can't be done, never give up on your dreams.

"I took a dream out of my head and brought it to the big arena in less than a year so people are looking at me like wow you really did do it," said Karitoglou.