DO IT YOURSELF: Phoenix music teacher says people are forging their own road to music stardom

For those whose goal is music stardom, the path to the top has changed, a lot.

As it turns out, the endeavor has kind of become a do-it-yourself type endeavor.

"My students that tell me they want to make it, I always tell them, like, 'OK, cool, give up your life really'," said vocal and music teacher, Lindsey Bair. "Don't have have a boyfriend, don't have a girlfriend

Bair, who is in Phoenix, said singers hoping to break through in the music business will improve their chances with record labels, if they bring something to the table along with their talent.

"You already have a following, you already have a record, you already book shows, you already have merchandise, so its complete DIY," said Bair. "You have to have already developed yourself, as opposed to being discovered. You're not going to be discovered, you're going to have to put the work in yourself."

Valley singer AJ Odneal has checked a lot of those boxes. She has produced several videos of songs she wrote, using her home professional studios to make them. She puts the videos on YouTube, and spreads her music on other platforms as well.

"I'm on iTunes and Bandcamp and Spotify," said Odneal.

A television show recently flew Odneal to Los Angeles to perform her newest song storm at a cast party. The show used a snippet of her new song, titled Storm.

"Just this, like, 10 second clip," said Odneal. "It's just a little bit of the instrumental."

That was a 10-second thrill for the 22-year-old, who describes her style as Indie Folk, influenced by pop and jazz. Odneal produced an album three years ago, and now focuses on her new single, Storm.

Is Odneal looking for the big label signing and the rise to fame? Not necessarily.

"I mean, I want to go," said Odneal. "However, I want to express my art, and when you're signed to labels, it's more than just about your art, which does get completely taken over sometimes, but it goes into how much you weigh and who you date and what you represent as a person."

Odneal plans to blaze her own path. Her music gigs around Arizona allows her to support herself. and she uses her Facebook page to post whimsical reminders of where she's performing.

"Some resorts, more restaurants," said Odneal. "I love weddings and private events. I've been doing a lot of those."

Back at Bair's work studio, she said technology and the internet allow anyone to make a recording these days, so people should practice hard, and work all the other angles to bring their "A" game.

"You know who you're in competition with so many people who are so good, who are so well connected, so if that's really really what you want, it's the sacrifice of your life to get there," said Bair.

While at it, however, Bair said people should not forget to do something Odneal has mastered.

To have fun.

Lindsey Bair

AJ Odneal