Documentary highlights difficulties faced by veterans, when it comes to health care

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- A documentary highlighting the lives of six veterans and the difficulties they've had when it comes to getting the right health care aired Wednesday night at the Esplanade Theater, located off Camelback and 24th Street.

The documentary, called "The Care They Earned", includes those served by the Phoenix VA, which was the epicenter of the veterans affairs scandal that exposed long wait times and secret waiting lists. It follows six veterans, two of them from Phoenix, as they tell their story about their experience with a diagnosis, and how they had to wait to get help from their local VA hospital.

The 50-minute documentary is meant to depict why it's important for veterans to have a choice, when it comes to their health care provider.

The documentary was made by the Concerned Veterans for America Foundation, and shows why the VA Mission Act of 2018, and giving veterans a choice when it comes to their health, is key in saving lives.

The Care They Earned

Concerned Veterans for America