DUI alternatives: How to get a free ride on New Year's Eve

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Drive hammered, get nailed. It's more than a catchy slogan. The Arizona Department of Transportation is hoping the message and others like it can save lives.

New Year's is always a big night for drinking, but if you are going to party, there's plenty of ways to get home without getting behind the wheel.

Police and firefighters say they see way too many people get into DUI crashes because they didn't have a plan. Those people thought, we'll see how many drinks I have and then make a decision later. That's not a good idea, because by the time you've had a few drinks, your judgment is then impaired.

"Find an alternative means of transportation," said Captain Danny Gile of the Phoenix Fire Department. "There's so many options out there and available to you."

Back in 2015, a Phoenix Fire Department dispatcher, Megan Lange, died after being struck by a wrong-way driver who had a blood alcohol content four times the legal limit.

Gile says if you're going to drink at all on New Year's Eve, have a plan in place on how you're going to get home.

"Those things you relive constantly. You think about the kids that you see."

He says that's the most heartbreaking part of his job. Seeing innocent family members lose their loved ones because of irresponsible drunk drivers.

Here are the many options this New Year's Eve, including ride sharing:

Uber is offering a 10 percent discount on up to two rides. Use code CLNYE18. You can also get $5 off two rides to and from Valley Metro Light Rail stations with the code CLHOLIDAY18.

Lyft has a 20 percent off discount for two rides for existing users with code SAFEARIZONA18. If you've never used Lyft before, you can save $5 for up to four rides using the code SAFEARIZONA.

Another option is public transportation. All Valley Metro buses, light rail and Dial-a-Ride service will offer free rides beginning at 7 p.m. on New Year's Eve in partnership with Coors Light beer.

If you do plan to stay sober and drive during late hours this weekend, you may want to drive extra carefully and watch out for impaired drivers on the roads.

PFD says DUI arrests are already up 13 percent from last year.