Family finds ashes of murder victim in parking lot

A Phoenix family found a bag with someone's cremated remains in the parking lot of a local Chinese food restaurant. It turns out they are the ashes of a murder victim from Colorado. Family members say the remains are of an 18-year-old girl killed two years ago in Colorado. How they ended up in the parking lot of a Chinese restaurant is the mystery.

"We saw someone picking this sack up and dropping it, curiosity set in, and we saw that it was ashes," said Yetla Burgara.

The bag had a name on it, so Yetla and her husband asked the people inside the restaurant, but no one claimed the ashes. They dined for three hours, but no one came inside looking for the ashes. So they took the remains home and started searching for the family.

"We didn't want anyone to throw them away or just leave them there, someone is missing them," said Burgara.

They found a website detailing the death of Korin Williams, a teen from Aurora, who was shot and killed. The shooter was recently sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Her family spoke to FOX 10 and said she was cremated, her ashes were divided among relatives. Korin's aunt lives in the Phoenix area.

Korin's family is now arranging to pick up the ashes from Yetla.