Family of drunk driving crash victim wonders why suspect who had prior DUIs is out of jail

AVONDALE, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- The parents of an Avondale woman who was killed in a drunk driving incident are speaking out.

Jaqueline Pacheco, 18, was riding in a car when the driver slammed into the back of a semi. That driver had a suspended license, and had just been convicted of a DUI a month before the crash. Now, the person is out of jail, and Jaqueline's family can't understand why. They can't wrap their heads around why the man, who is accused of his third DUI and killing their daughter. is walking free as they deal with loss of their youngest daughter.

"She was the joy of this home," said Jaqueline's father, Obel Pacheco Aguilar, in Spanish. "We are absolutely devastated with what happened."

Jaqueline was the light of her parents, and at 18, she had dreams of becoming a makeup artist and hair stylist. She was supposed graduate from high school in May, but those dreams have since been cut short.

"That night she was going to a party, but she never came home," said Obel.

Now, Jaqueline's family is searching for answers as to why the accused drunk driver, 19-year-old Gabino Mantancillas, is out of jail. This crash is allegedly Mantancillas' third DUI, and Mantancillas' license was suspended in November.

"He's too young to have three DUIs, a suspended license, and how can his parents allow him to drive?" said Obel.

Obel is confused as why the alleged driver is isn't behind bars. He's hoping for one thing.

"I want him in jail. I want justice," said Obel.

Obel says the loss of child is destructive to families. They don't eat, they don't sleep, and not many words can express it, except for how much they miss their light.

"I enter the house, and I still hear her," said Obel. "I still send her messages. I call her everyday."

The family hopes that justice will be served. They know that it won't bring Jaqueline back home, vut at least they can begin their healing, when the time comes.