Find a piece of 9/11 history at this Phoenix firefighting museum

The world's largest museum of firefighting is right here in Phoenix, and it has a piece of 9/11 history on display.

The Rescue 4 fire truck out of Queens, New York, is on display in the Hall of Flame Fire Museum. It's just one of five rescue companies in New York City.

This truck took several heroes to Ground Zero on Sept. 11. All the rescue companies lost personnel that day. 

Rescue 4 lost its entire crew.

"It was a larger than normal crew…jumped on the truck and went," said Mark Moorhead, curator for Hall of Flame.

After some restoration, the truck is exactly as it would have appeared that day. The names and photos of the crew who lost their lives sits at the front.

In remembrance of 9/11, the museum has several other artifacts on display: a door from another rescue truck, a piece of the Twin Towers, and a memorial for all the first responders who were killed.

The truck is a permanent fixture in the museum. Moorhead is hoping it will help people to never forget the incredible sacrifice of the men who rode in it.

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