Fire officials asking people not to set off illegal fireworks

Officials are warning the public to not light illegal fireworks in their neighborhoods this weekend, as new year's festivities continue, but choosing not to listen is impacting some residents.

Captain Valverde knows everyone is done with 2020, but he says those celebrating New Year's Eve with illegal fireworks aren't helping keep residents safe.

"Seems like people do a lot of brazen things with alcohol on board," said Glendale Fire Captain Anthony Valverde.

Cpt. Valverde says a fire started behind a home near 43rd Avenue and Palo Verde in Glendale on New Year's Eve. The fire spread to the attic, and fire crews with Glendale and Phoenix were called to the scene.

"Eventually, they were able to get the fire put out, but with that being said, the fire investigators on scene stated that the fire was possibly started by fireworks in the neighborhood, so it was pretty much a busy night," said Cpt. Valverde.

Thankfully, no one was hurt, but Cpt. Valverde says crews stayed busy all night, even responding to dumpster fires.

"A lot of those were caused by people that were setting off fireworks that you can buy illegally at the stores, and discarding the boxes in the dumpsters without making sure that the fires were extinguished," said Cpt. Valverde.

Officials advise homeowners to keep debris and brush away from the property, so potential fires don't spread. Officials are also asking adults to keep an eye on their kids through the fun of using legal fireworks.