Former Phoenix Suns employee stuck in Peru as COVID-19 restricts travel

President Donald Trump responded to a strict quarantine in Peru caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

More than 2,000 Americans are stranded in Cusco, Peru right now hoping to return home soon and FOX 10 spoke with one those young Americans with ties to the valley.

Devin Skinner used to be an assistant trainer for the Phoenix Suns, and working at the Talking Stick Resort Arena seems like forever ago, he says. The whole purpose of Skinner’s travel to Peru was for a hiking trip.

“Were working hard to get a young group of people out of Peru, we removed some and the rest are being removed with cooperation from the Peruvian government,” Trump said.

The Americans, including Skinner, is on a 15-day quarantine activated by Peru’s government. Most of his time is spent on this balcony where Wi-Fi connection is best.

People can't go out in pairs or groups to the market, bank or pharmacy.

“We had right around 24 hours or just a little bit more to find our way out of the country and by the time we got down the mountain trying to find our way to Lima there was no chance,” Skinner explained.

Since then, Skinner applied for repatriation, hoping to get on a charter plane back to the states. He was supposed to fly home to Michigan tonight, but it ended up falling through.

For now, Americans continue to unite in Peru. “We've been constantly trying to make sure that we are vigilant that we are out there and they know we’re here,” he said.

The government of Peru is looking to limit air traffic for U.S. citizens to only official travel with help from the U.S. government. So for now, it's a waiting game out there.