Get to know Kristy Siefkin

Kristy Siefkin has been one of the valley's most popular weather persons since joining KSAZ in 2012. Her television career began in San Francisco where she worked as a reporter and weather anchor for KRON 4 and CBS 5.

As FOX 10’s weeknight weather anchor at FOX 10, she’s passionate about educating viewers on a variety of topics, from technology to politics, to arts and culture. Kristy’s unique ability to both educate and entertain has made her a favorite with valley viewers.

Several local magazines and websites have named her “Best Weather Personality” several years running. Prior to her career in broadcasting, Kristy worked as a spokesperson for several national non-profits including the American Kennel Club and Guide Dogs for the blind.

What is it like being a weather person in a market that has little weather?

Reporting on weather in Arizona is never dull! There is always something to talk about, whether it's wildfires in spring, dust storms and flash floods in summer, record heat in fall, or strong snowstorms in winter. Since the valley is home to so many transplants, I really enjoy covering national weather events as well.  Tracking a record-setting 30 named storms this Atlantic hurricane season kept me extremely busy!

At what point in your life did you decide "Hmmmmmm.....Meteorology!"

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs was the most well-worn book on my childhood bookshelf, so I guess my love of weather started early! As a child, I spent many soggy winter days in Sacramento sitting under our grapefruit tree watching it pour. And as I watched 'The Wizard of Oz' for the 300th time, I still wondered if a tornado could really transport a person in a house, and how far. When I decided to pursue a career in broadcasting, weather just seemed like a natural fit!

What do you love about Arizona and what do you like to do in your free time?

When I moved here in 2012, I couldn’t get over how friendly people were whether at Home Depot, the dog park or even the MVD! I think it’s the Midwestern influence mixed with all our sunshine. I love history and road trips, so any given weekend you’ll find me in places like Jerome, Bisbee or Tucson. My 10 lb Norwich Terrier “Monsoon” has incredible stamina, so I love to take her hiking in Northern Arizona to escape the valley heat. I also love to sew Halloween costumes, children’s holiday dresses, anything fanciful and fun!

Where is home and how often do you get back?

I grew up in Sacramento, CA and all my close family still lives there. I am blessed to have loving family members who visit me here in Arizona regularly. I try to visit them in California as often as possible. At the start of the pandemic, my parents drove 14 hours to Arizona just to stay one night and drive me all the way back to California so we could spend time together with my sister. 

We understand you love animals and are an advocate for them. Tell us about it.

Before I began my broadcasting career, I worked for two animal non-profits: AKC & Guide Dogs for the Blind. Those career chapters were inspired by a lifetime of involvement with dogs: training Wilderness Search and Rescue Dogs, Animal-Assisted Therapy Dogs, and Guide Dogs for the Blind. I’m honored to volunteer with several local animal welfare organizations here in Arizona, helping raise funds and awareness about service animals and animal rescue.

Dogs or Cats?

Dogs. I’m allergic to cats!

Mountains or Beach?


Thanksgiving or Christmas?


Stuffing or Dressing?

Stuffing. Dressing is for salad!

Arizona Winter or Arizona Spring?

Arizona winter up north, Arizona spring in the valley.