Gilbert celebrates Arizona Coyotes Day

The Town of Gilbert held a big family festival at the Gilbert Farmer's Market Saturday to celebrate Arizona Coyotes Day. 

Coyotes Day in Gilbert is like super Saturday for die-hard hockey fans. 

"Just to see a lot of people walking around here with coyotes gear here is pretty awesome," said Korey Leterza and Alexis Rodriguez, Coyotes fans. 

A day dedicated to hockey is what these fans call a pretty good "snipe."

"I think it's really cool for them to reach out to fans especially on the east side of Phoenix," said Max Kraust, Coyotes fan. "There's a big community here with a lot of people who like to see hockey and it's a bit of a drive out to Glendale, so it's nice to have them come over to this side of town and have the fans over here." 

Fans say the biggest treat about Coyotes Day is joining the east and west Valley to celebrate. 

"To see how big the community is and how it's growing even though we are on the west side, it's kind of hard to get to the games on weekdays but we're out there having fun," said Zach Savage, with Grass Roots Market.