Gilbert Police looking for person who allegedly tried to run over kids

Gilbert Police officials say they need the public's help in identifying the driver of a truck who allegedly tried to run over a group of kids.

According to officials, the incident happened on Feb. 17, and on Feb. 24, we spoke with residents in Gilbert, including a man who saw it all happen, and rushed to help the kids.

"He was fish-tailing. You know, pedal to the metal. He was trying to get those kids, trying to run them over," said Brandon Ryff.

Video captured by Ryff's home surveillance camera shows a truck plowing through grass and nearing running over the kids.

"I heard kids screaming, and I just start running, thinking I’m going to have to provide medical assistance to a kid," said Ryff.

Ryff said none of the kids, whom he describes as pre-teens and teens, appeared to be hurt.

"They were young and upset, and I asked them if they knew this person and they said no, they didn’t," said Ryff. "I just think it was a miracle that no one was hurt."

According to investigators, the truck involved, identified as a Toyota Tacoma, has been involved in other incidents in the past in the area. Officials, however ,did not share any additional details.

Police don’t know why the driver did it, but Ryff suspects substances could be a factor.

"I can’t contemplate any other way than someone being on drugs," said Ryff. "He was an absolute maniac."

An hour after the incident, as Ryff was waiting for police to show up, another car drove by and sprayed Ryff in the face. It is unclear if the two incidents are connected, but Ryff said this behavior is beyond unacceptable.

"This is why we all came here, so our kids could have a place to play, to be a kid," said Ryff. "Now, we have to worry about a truck trying to run everybody over? It’s just absolutely insane."

Neighbors agree with Ryff's sentiment.

"Definitely disturbing. Don’t want anything like that to happen again out here. You can still see all the tire marks out here too," said Jamie Davis.

"They are going to be caught, and they are going to be held accountable, and whatever got into their mind and made them feel like this was OK, we’re going to make sure that this person is found and that they are held to account," said Ryff.

Anyone with information on what happened, including the vehicles in the incidents and possible victims, should call Gilbert Police.

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