Glendale firefighters visit girl recovering from accidental shooting

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Glendale firefighters made a special visit on Tuesday, as they stopped by Phoenix Children's Hospital to visit a six-year-old girl who was accidentally shot by her father a few weeks ago.

Surrounded by friends and family, Naveah got a visit from the people who helped save her. The little girl is recovering a from a shotgun wound, but Glendale firefighters made sure her day was special with some laughs, gifts, and a little bit of candy.

"This is kind of a different situation, it's a child, innocent child, a really bad thing happened to her, I was happy to go see her," said Captain Paul Morales.

It's not often first responders see the people they help after they've helped them, but the Glendale Fire Department made it a point to go see Naveah, who was hit by a shotgun blast almost two weeks ago. Naveah is now doing incredibly well.

"When we originally saw her, it's a bad day. A bad day for us, a bad day for her, but to be on scene and have a positive impact on her life, how she's healing, to go there today to see that firsthand, smiling as big as she was with her missing front teeth," said firefighter Chris James.

Cpt. Morales and his crew brought Naveah gifts and chatted with her during recovery. The crew was with Naveah that day, and marveled at her bravery.

"She was wide awake, talking, we were trying to distract her, really, from what happened to her," said Cpt. Morales. "Of course, she was in shock and in pain, but she was talking like a normal six-year-old girl, talking about Easter and what she got, that kind of stuff."

The firefighters greeted Naveah with some Disney gift, as well as something special.

It was something James remembered from the day Neveah was almost taken from the world.

"I'm trying to distract her a little bit," said James. "She mentioned she liked candy, she said she liked 'skibbles', we assumed she meant skittles, so we did bring her some skittles, or 'skibbles' today, to help with the recovery."

The plan in when Naveah is out of the hospital, she'll make her own visit to their fire station.