Glendale girl suffers head injury; meets first responders who saved her

It's a parent's worst nightmare; a child found unconscious with a head injury, and you don't know if she is going to make it.

That's what happened to a little girl in Glendale.

But thanks to the quick actions of first responders she is doing fine, and her family got the chance to meet those first responders and thanked them for saving her life.

"It's still one of the most terrifying things I've ever been through," said Jessica Hamilton.

Jessica Hamilton was babysitting Adelynn back in January. Adelynn was playing outside on the trampoline when Jessica turned her back for one split second.

"I heard a noise, and I turned around, and she was laying on the concrete unresponsive, so I went and scooped her up, and brought her inside," said Hamilton.

When Adelynn wouldn't wake up, Jessica called 9-1-1. Three minutes later crews arrived onscene and realized something was terribly wrong.

"They identified the fact that she had a closed head injury, which basically means that she was bleeding inside of her skull, causing pressure on her brain," said Ron Hart with Glendale Fire.

Adelynn was rushed to Phoenix Children's Hospital and sent straight into a four hour surgery where doctors found bleeding in her brain.

They removed the right side of her skull and three months later she underwent another surgery where doctors replaced part of her skull.

Adelynn's mother says she is doing amazing, and doctors call the little girl a miracle.

Her mother also says she is grateful for the first responders that saved her daughter's life.

"We were told by doctors and neurologists that if it wasn't for them, and the love and passion for their job, that Adelynn may not be here today," said her mother Kimberly Thomas.

Those first responders say days like today make their job worthwhile.

"We don't typically get to see the outcome of our efforts, but just know that we did our little part in the whole chain of her survival, and the family's outpouring of support is just amazing," said Louis Barbone with Glendale Fire.