Glendale teen recognized by city officials for saving life of woman during medical emergency

A Glendale teenager is being recognized after he saved the life of a woman who was having a diabetic emergency outside of Glendale High School.

On Nov. 17, 17-year-old Diego Garcia met up with first responders and the woman he helped save, now identified as Danet Garcia, for the first time.

"I was kind of panicked, but I try to stay as calm as possible so I could tell the paramedics what happened to her," said Diego.

The incident happened on Nov. 2, when Diego was walking to a friend's house. During the was;k, he saw Danet on the ground, behind the gate at Glendale High.

'She's on the ground and she can't move. She's only moving her legs," Diego said, in the 911 call.

As it turns out, Diego recognized Danet, who works at Glendale High as a social worker.

"I was diagnosed Juvenile Diabetic, and since then, I lost the opportunity to feel symptoms when my sugar drops," said Danet. "In a situation like this, the person can not make it. He was brave and I think we still have hope in our young people."

On Nov. 17, Glendale city officials gave Diego a Life Safety Award for his bravery and not turning a blind eye. Danet says while she doesn't recall the incident, she is grateful for the brave young man who she says saved her life.

"Because he was brave and he did the right thing, I'm still here," said Danet.

"The family gets to enjoy another year with her, and that means a lot to every family, that they can spend so many years together, you never know when it’s the last one," said Diego.

Diego went on to say he was just doing the right thing, and that he did not need the recognition.