Goodyear police bring 'Christmas in July' to kids at Phoenix Children's Hospital

PHOENIX (KSAZ) - It's "Christmas in July" at the Phoenix Children's Hospital! That's because police officers are turning some frowns upside down with gifts for a bunch of good little girls and boys.

"For us as police officers, not everyday is someone's best day that we're dealing with them, but when we get to do this, this is as magical for us as it is for the kids on the receiving end," said Goodyear Police Officer Jamie Benker.

They may not have arrived in a one-horse open sleigh, but Benker and the community service unit with Goodyear police were certainly Santa's helpers. They brought in dozens of toys to fill the hospital's play room.

"It's a time of year where things are kind of quiet and it's time to spread some cheer to these kids who are unfortunately in the hospital," said Goodyear Police Officer Lisa Berry.

"I've got three kids and we've been here before for minor things and it's scary, but you know, you come here and there's things for them to look forward to doing and friendly faces," Officer Benker said.

Goodyear police say we sometimes forget about those in need and although it may not feel like the most "wonderful time of the year," these toys could certainly lift the spirits of children feeling a little under the weather.