Group calls for action to make Phoenix streets safer

As the family of late GCU student Taylor White continues to mourn his death, after he was hit by an SUV, the incident is also casting a light on the dangers sometimes faced by pedestrians.

White is one of at least 30 pedestrians hit and killed by cars in Arizona in 2018.

"One of the things that we've heard is that this happens all too often on the streets of Phoenix," said Whites's mother, Angela. "Why? Why does this happen so often here and everywhere? This is like the 5th one this weekend? What? Why is that happening?"

"I think the reason we have the rates of fatalities that we do in Arizona is because we prioritize the movement of vehicle over moving people," said Adrienne Udarbe, Executive Director of Pinnacle Prevention. "So, we need to make it less about moving vehicles and vehicles speeding very quickly across six-lane streets, and make it more about moving people."

In 2014, the City of Phoenix adopted an ordinance to implement "Complete Streets". According to Udarbe, however, nothing has been done since. She is hoping to change that.

"They did implement a Complete Street Advisory Board that's been working very closely with the City of Phoenix over these past few years, but we've seen little action that's come from that, and with being ranked number one in fatalities in Arizona, it's no longer an option to sit around and talk about it. We actually need to put something into practice," said Udarbe.

Members of Pinnacle Prevention, along with several other community members and organizations, say they will be at a Phoenix City Council meeting on Wednesday afternoon to voice their concerns. They have even started a petition.