Group of 44 hikers rescued at Lost Dutchman State Park, firefighters say

Firefighters say a group consisting of 44 hikers was rescued from the wilderness area of Lost Dutchman State Park.

According to Superstition Fire and Medical, firefighters, alongside the Pinal County Sheriff's Office and Arizona Department of Public Safety, responded to the park Thursday afternoon to assist the large group out of the park.

Several of the hikers were overcome with heat and two had to be flown out of the park in a DPS helicopter. One person in the group was hospitalized.

Firefighters say the hikers are fitness coordinators from Kansas and were advised by the park ranger not to hike the trail. The trail in question is the Siphon Draw Trail up to Flatiron.

"This is the hardest hike in the Valley," said Amy Schnoes, Manager of the Lost Dutchman State Park. "They want to make sure they have good shoes and lots of water, but primarily for this group, this time of the day, don't do it."

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(Superstition Fire and Medical)