High political tensions leading to fears of panic buying, but some not convinced

With the election just days away, tensions are running high with protests and riots in parts of the country. That is leading some to worry that it could cause panic buying similar to those seen at the beginning of the still-ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

On Oct. 28, FOX 10 spoke with psychologist Susan Schwartz, who said that anxiety has brought more people to her recently.

"More people that come to see me are more anxious about the selection than they have ever been before," said Schwartz. "They are more involved. They think about it more. They worry about it more. They dream about it more."

With worry comes rush to buy basic things, items like food and toilet paper.

"I also think that there is more anxiety because of COVID, because of the election. The weather has just changed, and people, they don’t know what to do. Most Americans don’t know what to do."

Schwartz says that people are also worried about if there will be riots no matter who wins on Nov. 3. 

Shoppers, meanwhile, are talking about the potential for panic buying.

"I don't see any need for it," said one shopper. "I think if everyone keep that same mentality, we won't ever have the issue of having a shortage of anything."

"Not panic shopping, but I have added extra things that I wouldn't normally buy. Extra towels, toilet paper and canned goods," said another shopper.