Homeless foster children treated to day of art

They say art is in the eye of the beholder, but today at the Phoenix Art Museum, when 150 homeless and foster children got the experience of a lifetime, everyone agreed it was beautiful.

"It gives me a time to really express myself... to speak to young people," Keke said.

Keke has been coming to "Free Art" for five years now, first as a wide-eyed newcomer and now as a helping hand. She says the program has absolutely changed her perspective on life.

Gordy, also a "Free Art" alumni, says life growing up was far from a pretty picture.

"We moved into a homeless shelter because that we were stable at because a few years before we lived under a bridge," he said.

Through theater, dance, music, and crafting, many campers say they found hope, confidence, and most importantly friends.

"Having friends that I know care about me," Gordy said.