Homeowner injured in south Phoenix house fire

Firefighters say a man was injured in a south Phoenix house fire.

The Phoenix Fire Department says the blaze broke out at a home near 19th Avenue and Dobbins early Thursday morning. Firefighters say the homeowner was transported to a hospital with smoke inhalation and an injury to his arm.

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Firefighters say two Labrador Retrievers were pulled from the home and were taken to a neighbor's house for shelter.

According to officials, the fire is believed to have started on the second floor of the custom-built home. While fighting the fire, firefighters were forced to move outside due to reports of a collapsing air conditioning unit. Nearly four dozen firefighters were reportedly involved in the firefighting efforts.

"Portions of the roof did collapse with the air conditioners standing out here," said neighbor Chico Lopez. "It was a harrowing moment"

The person who lived in the home was identified by fire officials as being in his 40s or 50s. The man was reportedly reluctant to leave his home.

"While they were carting him away, he was looking at his house," said Lopez. "Very sad moment for the gentleman."

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.