Hot weather presents additional risk for hikers in the Valley

While it is tempting to want to hike Camelback Mountain, Piestewa Peak, and other Valley mountain trails, it can be very dangerous to do so right now, due to the extreme heat in the Valley.

The heat apparently kept some would-be hikers at home on Monday, as the parking lot at Camelback Mountain was almost empty. Some, however, are still hiking, like Juro Glavas and Annette Pfeffer.

Glavas and Pfeffer don't know each other, but they are hiking together to make sure they each make it safely.

"I haven't done it in five weeks," said Pfeffer. "Trying to be tough. Worked out this time."

Park Rangers are on high alert, and they are telling people to hike super-early in the morning, as to wear hiking boots and bring a cellphone.

Park Ranger Jim Sweazy said would-be hikers should drink lots of water the day before.

"Hydration should be drinking gallon of water a day," said Sweazy. "Don't chug before you start."

On these hot days, the sun pounds down on you, and the heat can be disorienting. Those who did not drink enough water can find that that can catch up with them in a hurry.

That is what Fernando Del Rio learned. Monday was his first time up the Camelback.

"Right now it is kind of hot. It is really hot," said Del Rio.