Hundreds of athletes compete in annual Desert Challenge Games

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - This weekend all eyes have been on the Valley of The Sun as athletes competed in the Desert Challenge Games.

Hundreds of athletes in the Valley competed in the annual Desert Challenge Games.

"I'm pretty passionate, I love coming out here," said Zachary Wharton, archery competitor.

Sunday was the last days of events. This year's games wrapped up with the archery competition at Papago Park.

"We have people from arm amputees who are able to shoot archery all the way down to people who are blind who are shooting archery out here," said Taylor Wilson, Director of Arizona Disabled Sports.

Athletes from all over the world, with different disabilities, were ready to compete, regardless of the competition they were up against.

"What I've overcome and have been able to accomplish even considering my visual impairment has felt pretty incredible because I never thought I would be able to accomplish or compete or beat some of these other athletes," said John Countryman, archery competitor.

Skilled, focused, and competitive by nature these athletes don't allow their disabilities to define them or keep them from competing.

"At first I was thinking okay since I can't see, all these people are going to do so much better than me," said Countryman.

"I just focus on having a good attitude and I don't let my disability shut me down," said Wharton.