INKARCERATED: ASU students showcasing artwork by prisoners at Phoenix's First Friday

For Downtown Phoenix, May 5 was also "First Friday", and for one art gallery, the exhibit they have on display is one-of-a-kind.

All of the artwork being showcased at the Unexpected Art Gallery were created by inmates at the Florence Prison, and money raised from the sales will go toward some very good causes.

The idea originated from a class of freshmen Criminology students at Arizona State University (ASU), who wanted to highlight another side of prisoners, as well as the programs in place to keep them from getting into trouble, once they get out of prison.

"I think it's really important that they spend their idle time doing something productive, and to better themselves, and in this case, to sort of give back," said Genevieve McKenzie.

Money raised from the artwork's sale will go to a center for abused women and children, as well as a Charter School for kids whose families are at the poverty level.

"The inspiration behind them was to help the children," said Sandy Moshi. "I think that really shows how they want to contribute back to society."

"We've been amazed by some of the artists in here," said Ben Smith, CEO of Unexpected Gallery. "There's some really amazing pieces, and there's some really expressive pieces as well."

Smith said they've never had an art exhibit quite like this one.

"A lot of the prisoners have made their own hanging pieces, and made things out of cloth, or out of recycled material that they can find," said Smith. "Some have even taken cardboard and stretched T-Shirts over it to do their pen and ink or their paintings. So, there's an interesting collection of mediums in this one that we've never seen before."

75 art pieces were on display, and available for sale, on Friday night.