Joe Arpaio's criminal trial enters its 3rd day of testimony

PHOENIX (AP) - A one-time supervisor on former Sheriff Joe Arpaio's elite immigrant smuggling squad testified that he didn't know about a court order barring the sheriff's immigration patrols until 17 months after it was issued.

Lt. Brian Jakowinicz says his predecessor didn't mention the December 2011 order issued when he joined the squad in April 2012.

Jakowinicz says he learned about the order in May 2013.

Still, Jakowinicz received emails in 2012 on proposed training materials aimed at complying with the court order.

The materials weren't distributed to rank-and-file officers.

Arpaio blames his former lawyer Tim Casey for not approving the materials.

Jakowinicz testified Wednesday at Arpaio's criminal contempt trial.