Judge reviews bond for Tyler Kost, posted bond

After more than two years in jail, Tyler Kost may be headed home soon, released on a $100,000 bond. His family and supporters wore pins with his picture in court Friday.

"It's been very hard," said Joey Hamby.

In Arizona people accused of certain crimes like sex crimes against children can be denied bond. Kost was accused in May of 2014 of sexually assaulting 13 girls from ages 13-17. He attended school at Poston Butte High School.

Kost's defense team successfully argued that thanks to a recent ruling at the Arizona Court of Appeals that states everyone should be eligible for bond, the now 20-year-old may be given a bond too.

"The argument that prosecutors are putting forward frankly stands American justice on its head. If you want to see what that looks like go to a county like like North Korea or Iran where the government can hold you without any release conditions," said Hamby.

If Kost can place bond he will have to stay at home, not be allowed to use the internet, or contact victims. Prosecutors argued against it and for a much higher bond.

"These kinds of are hard to monitor outside of custody. We don't have any way to monitor their cellphone usage. Their visitors. Any threats that may occur. You have no way to monitor that if you're not in custody," said Lando Voyles.

Kost's defense team insists their client was framed by teenage girls seeking revenge, and say they have the online chat records to prove it.

"We believe that the facts are going to come out in the trail, and they are going to show contrary to what you have been told over and over, that Tyler Kost is not a serial rapist, he is not a rapist at all," said Hamby.

The prosecution strongly disputes the defense attorney's claims. Kost's attorneys say his family is working to get the bond posted as soon as they can.

Pinal County attorney's office says that Kost posted bond on Friday night.