Last-minute shoppers hitting local small businesses in the Valley

It's hard to believe that Christmas is just about a week away. Some say they still have plenty of shopping left to do.

Old Town Scottsdale is bustling with a lot of these last-minute shoppers getting ready. But ready or not, Santa will very soon be coming to town.

"I have three or four more people that I need to buy for," said Amy Perri.

"It has not been completed, it has not been started, and I think I'm going to leave it that way," said Austin Kennedy of Tempe.

Kennedy says his family is not coming this year due to COVID precautions, so he didn't feel the need to buy them anything.

"So I don't have to see the disappointment when I don't buy them anything. It is much easier when the disappointment is states away."

It's a different story for Amy Perri who says she simply had difficulty finding everything she wanted online until she finally decided to venture out to the stores.

"Shopping has been different. I'm not able to touch and feel everything, I've done a lot of online shopping and this year, a lot of consumables," said Perri.

And Old Town Scottsdale has plenty of small shops hopping with people eager to find that perfect last minute gift.

"People come in with their lists looking for stocking stuffers."

Lisa Valenzuela owns Truly Blessed Jewels in Old Town.

She says at the end fo what's been a rough year for many small businesses, this sudden crowd of shoppers has been an extra Christmas blessing. And it's that sense of gratitude that she's planning to carry with her into the new year.

"Hoping for New Year's shopping and a beautiful next year."

Lisa says it's a perfect time of year to come out and support a lot of these small businesses.