Legalizing marijuana: Group creates billboard with Father's Day theme

A group of parents are calling for marijuana to be legalized in Arizona to keep it out of the hands of teenagers.

They revealed a new billboard near 7th Street and Lincoln for Father's Day that reads: "Please, card my son. Regulate the sale of marijuana and help me keep it out of his hands."

The parents say regulating marijuana responsibly could take millions of dollars out of the hands of drug dealers.

"Drug dealers have an incentive to sell to our youth. We want to take it away from them and put it into the hands of responsible businesses that are regulated by the state with the taxes going toward public education," said J.P. Holyoak, Chairman of the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol.

Opponents however, argue that states with legalized marijuana actually have higher marijuana use among teens. They're also worried about addiction and impaired driving.