Lessons learned at the first debate

It's the debate everyone is talking about -- the stakes could not have been higher. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump clashing in their first debate -- and after it was over?

"I thought it was a missed opportunity for both candidates. The question going in was could Trump be poised, could Hillary be caring, compassionate and honest," said Victor Silva, Desert Vista High School's speech and debate coach.

Silva says Trump waded into trouble when the subject turned to Iraq.

"I noticed early in the debate, Trump was composed, then interrupted.. that comes across as too aggressive in debate," he said.

As for Clinton, Silva says she gets bogged down in policy details and needs to find ways to relate to voters on an emotional level.

"A lot of times when you listen to the answer, just listen to first 15 seconds.. she did not give Americans the quick sound bite that they wanted," he said.

The next debate will be a town hall with audience members asking questions. That happens October 9th in St. Louis, Missouri. Making a personal connection will be key for both candidates.