#LightTheWorld 'Giving Machines' now open in downtown Gilbert

The "Light the World" campaign sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints kicked off this morning just as the Sun came out in downtown Gilbert.

For the second year in a row, the bright red "Giving Machines' are back and now open. This year, many of the goods people can buy are going to five local charities, with Catholic charities being one of them.

"People can invest in strengthening families with children's books, games, diapers -- we have workforce clothing for people going back into the workforce," said Malissa Geer of Catholic Charities.

The machines are in 10 locations throughout the United States. Last year, the machines in Gilbert brought in $860,000 in donations.

"Shoes for foster kids because I used to be a foster parent," said Lavon.

How it works is you choose what do donate -- anything from livestock and crops to veteran services and much more.

People donating bright and early love this feature.

"I like the idea because you get to choose," said. Debbie. "I know the humanitarian effort, they put money out there, but it's lovely that you get to be part of it. I don't just put $100 dollars somewhere, but I can actually say we're going to buy a meal or yes we're going to buy tennis shoes."

The "Giving Machine" is in downtown Gilbert until December 31.