Local animal groups using humane trapping to get stray animals off the streets

Two valley rescue organizations are teaming up to get roaming animals off of the streets.

At Foothills Animal Rescue, the animals have been through a lot, but their work never ends, and when it comes to rescuing animals, the more help, the better.

That is why the organization partnered with the Humane Animal Rescue and Trapping Team, also known as HARTT, a volunteer-based organization that humanely traps strays, and brings them to places like Foothills.

The founders of HARTT said in just more than a year, they've rescued hundreds of animals.

"There's a group of volunteers who just have a passion for saving these animals off the streets and we love what we do," said Jordan____.

For shy animals who won't be enticed by food, humane trapping is their answer. With the help of cell phone-operated cameras and sensors, they get alerted as soon as an animal is trapped.

"Anytime that we are trying to trap a dog, we never want a dog to stay in a trap more than 20-30 minutes," said Jordan ___.

The results have been amazing, and animals that normally wouldn't survive are thriving.

"They've been through a lot already, so we would like to see them go to a home that would devote time and energy and keep them for the rest of their lives," said Melissa Gable.