Lone survivor of Granite Mountain hotshots writes book

July will mark three years since the Yarnell Hill Fire tragedy that claimed the lives of 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots. The lone survivor of the crew is releasing a new book with details of what happened that awful day.

The book titled "My Lost Brothers" is a tribute to those who lost their lives that horrible day.

"I think the reason for writing the book was to have another opportunity to honor my brothers, and to kind of explain what happened that day in a little more detail," said Brendan McDonough.

The book also deals with McDonough's troubled past, including drug addiction and a felony conviction for robbery. His life turned around when he joined the Hotshots.

"Those things in my past, I guess the reason why I do share them is in hope that people understand that you can make some mistakes, but you can also come back from them, and you can make a difference," said McDonough.

The book also details the events that led up to the tragedy, but he points out that it's not sure anyone will exactly know.

"I don't think we'll ever truly know exactly everything that was said that day, just because some of it wasn't over the radio it was person to person and because they're dead, they're gone," said McDonough.

"It's something we definitely need to learn from, and I think we are, I know we are," he said.

McDonough says one change he believes could make things safer are tracking devices, so it's easier to find the exact location of wildland firefighters.