Made In Arizona: West Valley business makes statement with bold, crazy sock designs

Putting on snazzy pair of socks is one way to make a fashion statement, and that's the idea behind one business in the West Valley.

"We are just for people who like to be bold and take risks," said Brittany Harris with Audacious Sock Wear.

Harris owns Glendale-based Audacious Sock Wear, and the socks she makes here are not for the timid.

"Audacious Sock Wear is bold, crazy socks," said Harris. "We don't do anything boring. We don't do anything monotone."

Harris started out designing purses, but that didn't work out so well.

"It was actually my husband who said, 'why are you trying to do something so big? Why don't you start small? Why don't you just start with socks?'" said Harris.

Now, Harris has a number of sock designs in stock: pizza socks, pink socks, bee socks, and also the shark socks.

People can also make their own socks as well. All they have to do is send in their own design.

"As far as size, this is pretty much it. You place your order, and I put it together," said Harris.

The socks cost anywhere from $18 to $25, and it's giving this Glendale mom a chance to quit her day job.

"Audacious is my outlet," said Harris. "Not only for me, but for other people to say, 'you know, what I just want to do something different', so that's what I'm doing."

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