Man admits to stealing laptops, TVs from Phoenix hospital

Phoenix Police have arrested a man who allegedly stole thousands of dollars of electronics from Abrazo Central Hospital.

The story also has a bizarre twist, as the suspect was reportedly sleeping under the hospital stairs.

The suspect, identified as 35-year-old Brian Leroy Nichols, reportedly admitted to police he stole three laptops and five big screen TVs. Nichols reportedly smuggled the TV sets out by hiding them under a gurney that is covered with a sheet.

According to a police report, Nichols was caught on camera stealing from the Abrazo Central Campus Hospital, located near 19th Avenue and Bethany Home Road. According to documents, the video shows Nichols roaming the empty hallways of the basement, going from classroom to classroom to steal the laptops.

In addition, the police report states that Nichols made a hiding place underneath one of the stairwells in the hospital by using a gurney mattress, and it appears he may have slept there on occasion.

Nichols reportedly admitted to police he also stole five TVs, in addition to the laptops. Two of the TVs were reportedly 55 inches in screen size, and they were allegedly stolen from different floors of the hospital. Nichols told police he would find a gurney, load it up with a TV, cover it with a sheet, and roll them out of the hospital, where an accomplice would pick them up in a waiting truck.

Nichols reportedly said he used the money from the items to buy drugs and food.

Meanwhile, hospital officials have released a statement that reads:

Nichols is now facing three felony charges.