Man arrested in connection with Sunday crash that killed woman in Phoenix

Phoenix Police say Tuesday night that a man has been arrested, in connection with a crash that killed a 46-year-old woman on April 29.

According to a statement released by Sgt. Vincent Lewis, 22-year-old Ronald Hays, turned himself over to police on Tuesday. He has been booked into jail on a count of leaving the scene of a fatal collision.

Police say the victim, identified as Isela Ortega, was crossing Van Buren Street when she was struck by a car heading west.

"Her grandson was just born three days ago, so she never got to meet him, never got to see him," said Ortega's niece, Monica Sierra. "So, it's just more sadness that anything we can feel."

Sierra credits a whirlwind of social media for an unusually quick arrest.

"It is tragic, but I think our family is so grateful that so many people that didn't have to talk to us or didn't have to spread the word are here to help us," said Sierra.

Despite Hays' arrest, the ordeal has left one family with some closure, and many questions still unanswered.

"She had so much going for herself, she trying to accomplish so much for her kids and he snatched it all away in a couple of seconds," said Sierra.