Man dead after traffic pole fell on him in Buckeye, his fiancé is left devastated

Buckeye Police are investigating a deadly incident involving a traffic pole falling onto a worker on Oct. 13.

Police say the victim, 47-year-old Brock Salveson, was unloading a traffic pole to be installed near Miller and Broadway roads when the accident happened.

The pole fell on the man, killing him, police said. It is still unclear what went wrong.  

Salveson was a worker for AJP Electric. OSHA has been notified.

‘I just feel robbed’

His fiancé, Crystal Trimble, is, of course, devastated.

"I have not been to the house since I heard the news, since his boss called me to let me know what had happened," she said three days after the incident. "When I came in today, there was this cup, with this beautiful poem, ‘to my wife, and this necklace.’"

It’s the final gift she will ever get from her fiancé. She was his soon-to-be wife, and they were raising a blended family.

"I just feel robbed right now. I just feel robbed," Trimble said.

She's cleaning out their home and moving somewhere new.

"I can’t live here without Brock," Trimble said.

The new place won’t let her take Salveson's dogs, Rae Rae and Amber.

"They were like his children. He’s had them since they were babies. They are sisters, and they have always been together," she explained.

Trimble is asking for someone to adopt them and keep them together.

"I need somebody who really feels like they could keep them together in a good home. Show them the love and stuff that Brock did for years, and that I did during the time that Brock and I have been together," Trimble said.

If you'd like to contact Trimble about adopting the dogs, email

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