Man dies after exchanging gunfire with Phoenix police officers

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Police say one person is dead following an officer-involved shooting and a deadly hit-and-run over the weekend in Phoenix.

At around 3:15 Sunday morning, Phoenix police say they noticed a group of individuals that looked to be in their late teens to early-20s. The group was said to be loud, drinking and walking in the street.

One of the members then threw a bottle at a passing car. That's when officers tried to make contact and the group scattered, running in different directions.

One of the officers encountered a subject believed to be armed in the area of 14th Street and Portland. There were shots exchanged at that point.

"That subject did run onto the offramp at 16th Street [and] was then struck by a vehicle," said Sgt. Vince Lewis with the Phoenix Police Department. "That vehicle did not remain at the scene. That person was found deceased at the scene, so that's one of the four subjects."

The suspect has been identified as 17-year-old Robert Rabago.

Two officers then encountered a second individual from that group.

"A taser and a canine were both deployed in that instance," Sgt. Lewis said. "That suspect was taken into custody and taken to the hospital - expected to survive the injuries at this time."

Officers say there was a second exchange of gunfire and the other two suspects were located and are both in custody at this time.

Tamara Bigham Biggs lives just around the corner and says she was shocked to see the commotion.

"[It's] a lot to take in," Biggs said. "[It's] very disturbing. [We're] wondering what could have happened to cause this reaction."

Phoenix police say this is a complex investigation.

"They're going to take a look at this investigation by police to see what's taken place," said Sgt. Lewis. We have several officers here not only to help with scene security, but we also have our Employee Assistance Unit who is going to be here to check on those officer's welfare."

The Associated Press contributed to this story.