Man dies while hiking north Scottsdale trail

Scottsdale Police say a hiker has been found dead, the site so remote that crews had to be airlifted into the location.

This all happened in the Desert Mountain area of north Scottsdale.

Fire officials say the man was 3-4 miles up the trail when he started to not feel well. "He and his spouse are frequent hikers up there, he likes to go a bit further so they split and they meet back at a designated time. He called her and told her he wasn't feeling well, and then a chain of events started from there," said Brian Reed with Scottsdale Fire.

SkyFox video showed the scene marked with crime scene tape. When the woman heard from her husband that he was not feeling well she called 911. A nearby hiker performed CPR on the 60-year-old man for 30 minutes before the rescue team could fly to the location, but he was pronounced dead.

Scottsdale Police have not released his identity, but said he had no underlying health issues. The death remains under investigation.