Man goes on road rage rampage at Phoenix stop light over the weekend

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Some Valley drivers experienced some scary moments over the weekend, when a man goes on the attack with a tire iron at a stop light.

The victim was stopped at the intersection of 15th Avenue and Bethany Home Road. While waiting for the light to turn green, the victim says he became the target of an out-of-control passenger that had gotten out of a nearby vehicle, and began smashing windows.

"I noticed the vehicle to my right, the passenger got out proceeded to grab what appeared to be a tire iron," said David Waldrip.

Waldrip says he was heading home Saturday morning, when he saw a man walk up to a nearby car stopped at the intersection, and bash the windows. The driver turned right and left the scene, and that's when Waldrip says something happened to his car.

"I could tell he was visibly angry. I'm pretty sure if he had a gun or something, he probably would've used that," said Waldrip. "It seemed to me he had so much anger after the first car left, he still had more aggression to take out, and my vehicle just happened to be next in line."

Waldrip says the enraged man bashed his windshield, then walked to the back of his car, and tried to shatter the rear windshield as well. Waldrip was able to maneuver his way out of the intersection and on to Bethany Home Road. The man got back into an older white SUV, and the female driver took off, last seen going north on 15th Avenue.

"It is a reminder that be careful out there. You would think in broad daylight, that would stop people from doing those kinds of things, but when people are that angry and crazy, I guess it really does not matter," said Waldrip.

Waldrip says he has no idea why the passenger went on the attack. Now, he's stuck paying his insurance deductible to get his car repaired and safe to drive again. He has filed a police report, and says several witnesses were kind enough to stick around and give statements to officers about the incident.