Man lucky to be alive after tire smashes through his car's windshield on Loop 101

It was an extremely close call for one valley man, after a tire came smashing through his windshield along the freeway.

The man, who is lucky to be alive, is out of the hospital. Anthony Rogers and his wife, Haley, said they have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season, after the freak accident.

The incident happened on Monday, along the Loop 101. The tire hit on the hood of the car, caving it in, and missing Rogers' head by just inches.

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Rogers was coming home from work around 4:00 p.m. He was getting off on the US 60 offramp when something hit the roof of his truck.

"I couldn't tell what it was," said Anthony. "It was just a big bang, and my mind was registering what just happened, and I thought maybe some car came and hit me off the side. I wasn't sure what had happened."

After the impact, Anthony couldn't move his arms or legs. He eventually lost control of his truck, and crashed into the barrier. Another motorist, along with a DPS trooper, were on scene shortly after to help.

"I asked him what happened because I didn't know, and he said a tire came from the northbound side, over the median and smashed onto your car," said Anthony.

"The officer was kind of behind him, and he said that thing was flying," said Haley.

Anthony said according to the trooper, it looked as if it was a tire from a semi truck. It struck directly in the middle of the cab, missing Anthony's head. Miraculously, Anthony escaped with just a concussion, and a few scratches and bruises.

"Just trying to find out where the tire came from, because they couldn't find anybody and no one stopped or pulled over to say it was from my car and maybe they didn't know, but we're just trying to find out where the tire came from," said Anthony.

No one else was injured in this crash. The roger's are asking anyone with information or who saw something to come forward.

They just want to know where the tire came from.