Man who shot former Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox appears at City Council meeting

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- FOX 10 has learned that the man who served 12 years in jail for the shooting of a former Maricopa County supervisor attended a Phoenix City Council meeting on Wednesday, as the council discussed and voted on the Talking Stick Resort Arena renovation deal.

According to media reports by the Los Angeles Times back in 1997, Mary Rose Wilcox was shot in the pelvis following a meeting. The gunman, identified by the Associated Press in a 1998 report as Larry Naman, reportedly shot Wilcox because of her support of a tax that helped fund what is now Chase Field.

The 1997 shooting was captured on video.

Naman, according to the AP report, was convicted of attempted murder after three days of jury deliberation. During his trial, Namen said Wilcox was just one of the people he wanted to shoot, over the tax that helped build the baseball stadium in Downtown Phoenix.

Naman spoke during a public comments session at the meeting. FOX 10 News Now was streaming the meeting when Namen spoke.

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"On August 13, 1997, I walked into the Maricopa County Board of Supervisor's Auditorium and shot Mary Rose Wilcox over the baseball stadium tax matter. You must let the public vote on this matter. If you go ahead and pass it, you're crossing a line, and it's equivalent to a bloody act of violence against the public," said Naman.

Wilcox, clearly startled, was sitting just two rows in front of her attacker. FOX 10's Matt Galka spoke with Wilcox following the meeting. He tweeted a video of the interview with Wilcox, on his verified Twitter page.

"I had to live through it when it all happened, and I think it just shows when you're an elected officials, they will do things sometimes that are risky, but I really feel that it was the right thing I did, it's the right thing the city council did, and when you're elected, you get elected to move people forward, and that's what happened today," said Wilcox.

Naman was immediately surrounded by police as he tried to leave, but he did not back down from his comments.

"I shot [Wilcox] in the buttocks, I didn't try to kill her," said Naman, who went on to say he had no regrets over what he did.

Meanwhile, officials with the Phoenix Police Department released a statement on the incident.

The Associated Press (AP) contributed to this report.