Man with gun, ammo, and weed found on school campus

It was an alarming scene at a Tempe Day Care Campus, a man was spotted walking around, trying to get into classrooms.

When police showed up to check it out, they found him with a gun, ammunition, and marijuana on him.

Police say they don't know why the man was on the day care campus or what he planned to do.

They're glad they never had to find out, police arrested him minutes after getting the call from a concerned parent.

31-year-old Freddy Rivera is now behind bars, arrested on the school campus.

"Luckily the doors are all locked, they are locked for the safety of the students," said Lt. Mike Pooley.

A parent at the Horizon Day Care and Desert Choices School saw Rivera acting suspiciously and approached him before calling police.

"When the parent confronted Mr. Rivera, he said you don't want to see in my vehicle," said Lt. Pooley.

When officers arrived at the school, the suspect was alone in his car in the parking lot. They approached him, and the suspect pushed out a backpack, he then said there was a gun inside.

"They opened the bag, and sure enough there was a handgun inside the bag, it was unloaded there was also some marijuana in there," said Pooley.

Tempe Police say Rivera did not have the gun with him as he walked around campus and did not come into contact with any students. Why he was there and what he planned to do are questions puzzling police.

Police say Rivera has no connection to the school.

"As our officers were talking to him, he said he began hearing voices, he began talking to himself, he was acting very irrational," said Pooley.

Authorities say they treat these situations as a threat, they credit the watchful parent who alerted police.

"Thank god a parent saw and called, and they got him. It prevented him from doing what ever he was going to do," said Marisa Leone.

Rivera now faces several charges for the possession of the weapon, and for possessing marijuana on a school campus.