Mesa Arts Center offering free art classes to veterans as part of program

There is a program in Mesa that offers creative ways for veterans and service members to use arts to reach their personal goals. 

On Tuesday, one class focused on the art of flame-working. That class is just one of dozens being offered, for free, to veterans and active service members at the Mesa Arts Center.

"To offer a way to make the transition from military to civilian life that much easier, by giving them a place to come together and work together to create beautiful things," said flame-working instructor Joshua Pinckard.

Pinckard, a veteran himself, led Tuesday's class. Students are learning all the twists and turns it takes to make marbles.

"It really helps to re-ground people, to recenter and refocus and art," said Pinckard. "I can't imagine a better medium to do that with."

The students are all part of the "Arts In Service" program, which provides specialty workshop classes for veterans, service members and their families for free.

"Just being able to create something, it's exciting," said Air Force veteran Deborah Brindley. "It's a stress reliever because you're so in the moment of doing what you're doing, you don't think about anything else and I really like that."     

There are many classes to choose from, and no experience is necessary. All materials are provided, and people can come, relax, meet new people, and create a work of art.

Arts In Service - Mesa Arts Center