Mesa Fire Department honors man who saved woman during bee attack

Back in September, Good Samaritan Bradley McCuin sacrificed his own life to save another and although he doesn't consider himself one, Mesa firefighters are honoring him as a hero.

For weeks, bees swarmed the outside of the Superstition Ranch Farmer's Market in east Mesa -- leading up to that scary moment on September 14 when store employee McCuin rushed from behind the clerk's counter to the parking lot, rescuing a woman who was being attacked by a swarm of bees.

"I heard this lady, a lot of commotion in the front," he said. "The lady had a ton of bees on her, so I did what I thought was right and went out and tried to get as many bees off of her as I could."

While carrying the customer back inside the store, McCuin was also attacked. He was stung nearly 100 times on his face and neck. After making it to safety, the customer and McCuin were immediately taken to the hospital.

McCuin's selflessness was recognized by the Mesa Fire Department who presented him with the "Civilian Selflessness" award.

But the humble hero says he has no regrets.

"I was already stung a few times that day, but I figured, 'what's a few more?' If it happens, it happens,'" he said. 

And if he had a chance to save the woman's life all over again, he would.