Mix-up at Buckeye gas station causes customers to fill up with diesel

An expensive mix-up at a west valley gas station caused a lot of confusion on Friday.

Fox 10 has learned that diesel fuel was accidentally loaded into an unleaded gas tank at a QT gas station in Buckeye near I-10 and Miller Road.

The mix-up has caused dozens of drivers to fill up with the wrong type of gas, which potentially damaged their vehicles.

QT is apologizing to customers for the mix-up and the company says they will reimburse customers for the cost of repairs or for a rental car.

If necessary, they will also reimburse customers for the cost of gas that they spend on the diesel fuel and they are offering a free tank of gas.

If you filled up at this station on late Wednesday or early Thursday, please call QT's corporate headquarters at 480-446-6300.