Monsoon storms cause widespread damage across the valley

The damage from last night's monsoon storm was widespread and several people woke up with quite a mess to clean up.

"People tell me it never rains in Phoenix," Assad Zoberi said. "Oh my God, when I came in here, I just almost blew away, it was just so bad, it was a little bit terrifying to be honest with you."

Assad Zoberi flew into town during the monsoon last night and the rental car he received was brand new.

"The Hertz agent told me, 'Sir, this car has one mile, we just got it yesterday, it's a brand new Audi,'" he said.

This morning, Assad found his car in his hotel's parking lot at 40th Street and Van Buren with a large tree down on top of it and inches away from a fallen light pole.

"If the pole had come down, maybe one or two inches, this car probably would have been totaled," Brandi Steill said. "It was all the weight of the tree and the pole, so I think I dodge a bullet."

A few blocks away at 37th Street and Earll, a Eucalyptus tree tumbled onto an apartment complex.

"The root was suspended in the air, 10-feet maybe," Steill said.

The homeowner says the storm was so loud they didn't hear the tree fall onto their neighbor's roof.

"I didn't even think about it or how bad it is when I saw the root in the air," Steill said. "I'm like, 'Oh my, what about the home?'"

Neighbors say typically this apartment complex is fully occupied, but they recently started renovations and thankfully nobody was inside when the tree fell.

"(I) came running out, made sure people started coming in," Steill said.

A smaller branch landed on their Mercedes, but they're thankful no one was hurt.

"It's going to be a lot of cleanup, that's for sure," Steill said.

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