More testimonies heard, in 2nd day of Philip Brailsford's murder trail

The trial of a former Mesa Police officer Philip Brailsford continued on Monday.

Brailsford is charged with Second Degree Murder, in connection with the shooting of an unarmed man. Monday was day two of Brailsford's murder trial, and jurors heard and saw some very difficult testimony.

A Mesa Police officer who responded to the January shooting, along with Brailsford, took the stand. The prosecution played officer Christopher Doane's bodycam video.

The parents of Daniel Shaver left the courtroom, while Shaver's widow sobbed during the testimony.

The video shows a woman, then Shaver, coming out of the hotel room. They were told to lie face down, interlace their hands, put their hands on their head, and cross their left foot over their right.

Doane testified that he did not see any weapons in their hands.

The sergeant in charge tells the woman to get on her knees, then walk on her knees toward them, with her hands up. She does that and wa taken into custody. Then, the sergeant gives similar commands to Shaver - who seemed confused.

Shaver reportedly got up on his knees, clumsily, then put his hands behind his back. The officers screamed at him to keep his hands up, with the sergeant warns him if he does that again, he will get shot.

Shaver reportedly put his hands up, starts crying, begging officers not to shoot him, saying he's trying to follow commands. He begins to walk on his knees, then he drops his right hand and motions to reach toward his back.

The next second, Brailsford reportedly fired several shots from his AR-15 rifle.

Brailsford was the only officer to open fire.

The Medical Examiner who performed Shaver's autopsy testified Shaver was shot five times, from about 6 feet away.

During cross examination Doane also testified that if Shaver had 'not' dropped his hands and reached behind his back a second time, he would not have been shot.

Shaver's Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) at the time was .29.

The trial is scheduled to continue Wednesday morning. If convicted of Second Degree Murder, Brailsford faces up to 25 years in prison.