Mortimer Farms seeing high demand for fresh farm turkeys

Thanksgiving is just days away, and the centerpiece to any meal is, of course, the turkey.

Five years ago, Mortimer Family Farms in Dewey started raising farm fresh turkeys for thanksgiving. Since then, the business has been booming.

"I think there's a demand for it. We've got customers who are wanting a fresh, farm grown turkey that's never been frozen," said Sharla Mortimer of Mortimer Family Farms.

Mortimer says more and more people are wanting to know where their food is coming from and how it's raised. But raising these turkeys is no easy feat.

They get their chicks when they're just a day old.

"For the first 48 to 72 hours, we all take turns watching them. They're watched around the clock. We all take turns babysitting the turkeys to make sure they're doing well, their temperatures are right," Mortimer said.

And now that Thanksgiving is around the corner, these birds will be processed and ready for your table.

"It's such an honor though to be the centerpiece of peoples' holidays and to be a part of that," Mortimer said.

The fresh turkeys are more expensive than store-bought frozen turkeys.

You can reserve a turkey by contacting Mortimer Family Farms.