Nearly 150 teachers face layoffs in Dysart Unified School District

More than 140 teachers in the west valley were told they would be out of a job at the end of the school year.

On Wednesday night, the Dysart School District met to make those drastic layoffs official.

The school district from 2008 - 2012 already faced $50 million in cuts and now are facing more because an override failed.

Teachers and parents wore black at the school board meeting; a sign of solidarity as nearly 150 staff positions were cut from the district.

"I walked into my daughter's classroom to volunteer and I learned that her teacher was one of the ones losing her jobs... it's just not fair," said Angie Normano.

$18 million needs to be cut from the district over the next three years. The first $6 million will be cut next year, slashing 143 jobs.

It's all thanks to voters rejecting an override measure that would have specifically continued funding for all day kindergarten, smaller class sizes, music, and sports.

Stephanie Getty is one kindergarten teacher being laid off. "I'm a mom with a son in college, and another one graduating, and a 15-year-old, and I'm a single mom. It's going to be tough," she said.

District officials said their hands were tied. The board unanimously approved the cuts.

"It's not something that was easy to be heard, and we're saddened by the news right now," said teacher Nicole Cobb.

"We have no idea what is going to happen beyond this," said Getty.

Uncertainty for teachers and the district, as it could face more layoffs over the next few years.

"So potentially we're looking at over the next three years reducing our teaching staff by over 30 - 40 percent," said Assistant Superintendent Jim Dean.

The district could ask for another override in November. If that override passes it would restore funding for the 2016 - 2017 school year.